Spend the night creating whatever you want. 

CHAOS is an adventure where YOU can create whatever you can imagine out of recycled material or explore/break recycled appliances.



You're invited:


What can I create/break?

ANYTHING! Available materials can include cardboard, plastic, tape, broken household appliances, electronic pieces and more! 
We have space for you to take a hammer to household appliances. You'll have safety equiptment and the freedom to smash it. 

Should I make a reservation? 

Please do. We welcome walk-in's but we want to make sure you have enough space for maximum fun! Before renting the space for parties or corporate team building, please visit our rentals page. 

Great for:

Date Night, Tinder/Bumble Dates, Friend Hangs, Parties, Corporate Team Building, Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

We keep it simple:

Pay your entry fee and enjoy 2 hours of chaos and creation. 
Adults, $20 per person
Kids, $15 per kid (Family Day)
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2) Sign In

3) Create Whatever

It's easy.

Just show up with your friends and pay your entry fee.

We will have all sorts of recycled material for you to make something epic or take something apart.

Be Challenged.

So you don't see yourself as the creative type... no problem! We have several challenges for you. Try making an extra-large playhouse out of cardboard or a giant slingshot.