Jennifer Mayo



The Story

This is my ideal date night. Exploring something new, being playful and memorable.  

CHAOS encourages adults and children to Free Play. Once signed-in you'll get to choose from an array of recycled electronics to take apart or put back together; while sitting at the Explore Bar you can just tinker.

The space offers a large area for building stuff with recycled materials. Here you'll be able to Create Whatever. 

Located in the Iron Works District! We actively invest in the community to bring about social justice. Check out our GIVE page!


Where do the materials come from?

75% of the materials being used are rescued or being used one more time before being recycled.



I love dreaming. I especially love dreaming with others in mind. To do this, I have to train my brain to dream freely. That's not easy due to social norms, financial barriers, lack of resources, ect. Creativity of any type doesn't always come easy, you have to practice and expand your horizons to really embrace what you're passionate about.  

All of that to say... we have to actively practice the art of play.  CHAOS is one way of doing that. Try something new by walking in with no agenda, but to create something cool (if you're not the creative type, we have plenty of ideas to throw your way!). Heck, it could turn out to be an epic playhouse or giant slingslot.




1322 NW 6th St. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106